How much is enough?

It’s one of the most important question anyone can ask themselves. Yet, amazingly, few people give it the consideration it deserves.

At Wishart Wealth Management Limited, our business is not just about financial advice and products –investments, pensions, savings, protection for individuals/businesses and inheritance tax planning for example.

Although those may well have a place, when it comes to your finances, we believe that it is “best to begin with the end in mind”. It always pays to invest some time in real financial planning before planning to invest.

Wealth Management Services

Our comprehensive financial services are centred round YOU– where you are now and where you are going. Financial products might help you to get there, in which case we may recommend some. This stage only happens once we know what’s important to you, what you want from your money and what your plans and ambitions are.

Where are you going? How will you get there? What do you actually want from life, for you and your family?

Our key service aims to ensure you never run out of money, you become (and remain) financially well organised, you manage risk in all its forms and you achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Lifestyle Financial Planning

Until we get to really know you then we feel we have no right to talk about or advise you on your money. We want our clients to reach the stage of financial independence (where work becomes a choice).

But it won’t just happen. You can have plenty of cash and earning power but, without proper lifetime financial planning at the heart of any investment decisions you risk not getting the lifestyle you want. So you need to set some goals and decide some priorities – now.

Online Pharmacy

I first learned of this drug from my friend. “Everybody does that. These are just pills helping to concentrate”, – she said. It turned out that she needed them to fight the stress on a special day. Thus, one of the most popular “smart” drugs – Modafinil– is used for the treatment of drowsiness caused by narcolepsy, and sleeping disorders caused by working at different times. However, more and more people start taking Modafinil to work more effective.

This is where our team comes in as the trusted adviser. We’ll help you define your goals and plan a route to financial independence: the point at which you can satisfy your goals and life ambitions, secure in the knowledge that you’ll always have the money to afford them.

We call our service comprehensive Lifestyle Financial Planning. We will provide you with a clear image of what your financial future will look like. If there’s anything you don’t like the look of we bring you back into the present and do something about it with you.

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